Video conferencing

The ‘New World of Work’ (NWoW) means work that is time and location independent and requires a different way of working with colleagues. It is no longer necessary for people to be physically present in the same place. As a result, face-to-face meetings are required less and less, and alternative solutions are sought. The solution lies in ‘real life’ remote conferencing. Video conferencing and desktop/application sharing are the operative words.

Inia is a partner of Polycom and is able to offer a range of solutions in the field of video conferencing; however, even Microsoft (Lync) or Mitel solutions can be expanded to include video conferencing capabilities.

This type of integration offers you and your staff a very user-friendly and intuitive solution. Add to this a greater efficiency by reducing the number of unnecessary journeys and traffic jams, and you will understand why your staff members will be quick to accept video conferencing as an additional communication channel.

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