In need of a new network infrastructure? Want to increase the capacity of your network? Open your network to and upgrade for new users? Boost the speed of your data traffic? Increase the bandwidth of your Internet traffic?

Inia offers years of expertise and experience in network solutions. Our Inia network engineers can provide a complete solution: from analysis through to concept, from design and installation to maintenance of your infrastructure, 7 days a week.

Inia offers:

  • LAN networks (wired networks)
  • WLAN networks (wireless networks)
    • Controllers and access points in strategic places
    • Access points that transfer your voice and data safely, quickly and reliably
    • Sufficient bandwidth to allow your data traffic to run smoothly alongside your telecommunications

Would you like more information about our network solutions? Please contact us for a no-obligations appointment or quote at or call +32 3 545 67 89.