Sitting is the new smoking, help your employees to stay healthy

We’ve heard in the news that sitting is the new smoking. And most of us plead guilty… According to research we sit more than 8 hours a day and that is just as unhealthy as lighting up a cigarette. Prevent your employees and colleagues to fall into this trap and offer them some tips and tricks. We already have some great ideas for you.

We encourage our colleagues to walk around in the office during calls. This is easy when you have a cordless headset and you don’t bother the other colleagues as they can have their own headset with the noise cancellation option on. We partner with Plantronics for our headsets as they meet everyone’s needs. Monaural, binaural, in the ear, over the head and with or without voice tube, name it and they will have the right fit for every one of your team members.

In the Xylos group we also have a walking desk that offers you the possibility to work on your laptop whilst going for a walk. This will not only keep you active but also keeps you more focused while doing your tasks. If you are more into cycling, than there are some cycling options for you to look at too.

Prevent absence of your employees and colleagues due to lack of movement during the day. Keep them active and keep your company active as well!