Looking for a better work-life balance? The Smart Digitals’ Day is here!

If you are struggling to get your work-life balance on point, you might want to register for the Smart Digitals’ Day: Optimally Digital on 15th March.

Technology constantly evolves to make our lives easier. Digital tools such as e-mail, smartphones or Skype for Business help you get things done a lot faster. But can you no longer see the wood for the trees? Do you get frustrated because of how fast everything changes? We have got a training for you!

After this training day you’ll be an expert when it comes to using Skype for Business. You’ll be given a fundamental guide with 7 ground rules on how to conduct a Skype call! But we’ll teach you some tricks for other digital tools too, such as Outlook and OneNote.

If you’re interested, make sure to sign up for the Smart Digitals’ Day: Optimally Digital on Thursday, March 15. In half a day, you’ll learn how you can be optimally digital using tools you probably already have at your disposal.

Discover the full programme and register your seat