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Brand name Inia is no more

Starting April 1st, Inia’s brand name will disappear. Our parent company Xylos will continue to offer our brand’s Intelligent Communications and telephony services with its own brand name. Don’t worry, though: nothing will change for you as a customer.

The new workplace

From now on, we’ll be part of a new business unit within Xylos which offers services for workplace management (Windows, Office 365, security, Microsoft Intune), digital collaboration (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams), telephony (Microsoft Skype for Business, Mitel, Polycom), and video communication (Polycom).
Video, chat and other software make today’s workplace a multimedia environment – which happens to be our area of expertise. By combining our services and making them complement each other seamlessly, we want to offer you a complete range of solutions.
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Your content will continue to be available

Apart from the disappearance of our brand name, you won’t notice any changes.
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